Saint Nicholas Give Gifts

Saint Nicholas Give Gifts Wallpaper

Saint Nicholas Give Gifts Wallpaper

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Christmas Santa Nicholas

Saint Nicholas, obedient children receive sweets and toys, and wicked, the rod. So I heard in childhood from our parents. Now adulthood, re-mind us nostalgic for those wonderful evenings when we were preparing cizmulitele … Santa Claus coming every year, punctual, with flavors that first fragrant orange winter days of our childhood. Now the country or departari – united by this Thread again we feel bound by the thread of memories of those days of childhood calm. You ready boots? Santa Claus is coming this year ….

Legend of Santa Claus: Story and history about one of the most beloved saints

Legend of Santa Claus: a story about generosity and kindness that underlies one of the most cherished habits by children. From forefathers, babies expect to find in boots on the morning of December 6 sweets and fruits. For this, they are preparing their shoes in the evening and hopes that St. Nicholas forget the moments that have not been good since naughty kids get in but nuielusa.

Legend of Saint Nicholas: the saint at the Santa generous and unseen

Where did the custom of celebrating the gifts associated with St. Nicholas? Legend says that St. Nicholas St. Nicholas helped three poor girls in his town, but bringing them dowry night without being seen. The house in which lived three sisters were very poor. Their father was planning to sell the girls to get rich. The old man was not persuaded by tears and pain daughters, but Saint Nicholas learned of the misfortune that happened and came to their aid. At night, stealthily, he threw a bag full of gold in the largest girl’s room.

Thus, she managed to marry soon. So did the next two years, and the middle sister and younger then were able to sit at their homes. Father was decided, however, that before marriage Mezin, we lie in wait at night to Nicholas. L saw so when he climbed on the roof of this date and released on a cart bag. Since then, the legend of St. Nicholas says that he is not never look as Santa makes, but not forget to reward the good children and bring them to the naughty twigs.

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