Christmas Trees Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas Tree Wallpaper

Christmas Tree and Winter

Christmas Trees Happy Holidays – First of all in the middle of the Christmas under a tree, the gifts waiting to be opened. The Santa climbing the chimney invisible wings worn in reindeer sleigh. It’s time to bring joy into the hearts of other children. One star stay trapped sky, noting how the story continues thread naturally. In a cot, a baby gandureste shy. It’s his first Christmas lights.

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Under a tree, a squirrel looking for an acorn lost in fluffy snow. He looked up for a moment, while a star descends from heaven to earth with that curiosity defining explorer. Noise from the bushes, beside to make ours squirrel, to have a wince and to her own joy to quickly find the lost fruit. She climbs bravely in another tree, and from a branch she look to how a baby deer he has dirty her nose with fresh snow.

Furthermore, our squirrel tighten acorn at the chest and she smiles, thinking that up there at height, she it may be above the world. For a moment she sees like the giant of the forest, in front of which worship the horizon. And finally pulls breath and welcomes the world with small dance steps on the branch, shaking snow gathered on her in jerky rhythm. Especially relevant, the snowflakes come off and continues its path to earth with a waltz known only to them.

Left wings, an angel sits on a cloud. Look at the ground, trying to read through so many lights and small houses lost road yesterday. Waiting to see how the light hidden people will become visible on Christmas night. Count the seconds in thought. Agreements an old song shines through the sky. It’s time. Ii soul throbs.

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